3.045 walk, SWBB, hobbies

Sunday 01/16/2022

Watered the plants and did the NYT puzzle, and then set out on a longish walk. I walked to California Avenue, gave myself a food reward, and walked back, total a hair under 4 miles.

This brought me to a bit after 11am so I sat down to watch the Stanford Women playing Utah. I expected this to be an easy one. Utah has always lost to Stanford since Utah joined the PAC-12, and owing to various covid issues, had not played a recent game. Nope. Inspired perhaps by neighbor Colorado, they slowed the Cardinal. After Stanford led by 8 and looked like having an easy time, they lost their defensive focus and let Utah go on a long run and get their own 8 point lead at the half. The game was close the rest of the way with over 10 lead changes. Stanford pulled out a 6-point lead with a couple of minutes to go, Utah missed several 3-point tries, and we won, coming from behind two games in a row.

After that I pulled out all my photoshop skills to get that picture of Aoraki (Mt. Cook) looking how I wanted it, and printed it out. Then I put some time into the VW model. The engine is nearly complete.

I didn’t want the evening menu so decided to drive out and eat. Plan A was Mike’s Cafe in midtown, but they turned out to be closed temporarily for covid testing. I ended up at Wahlburger’s downtown.

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