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Monday 01/17/2020

Busy day, sort of. In the morning, waiting to start a 10:30 meeting, I completed the engine of the 65 VW. Complete with a little weathering, some paint to make the bottom look oily.

It’s coming up to tax time and Schwab says the 1099 forms are ready, and I just got the one for social security yesterday, so I scanned that one and downloaded all the Schwab ones into a shiny new “2021 taxes” folder.

Stew wrote asking for advice on a TV for the 4th floor lounge and I spent some time writing good advice on that. Then I attended the committee meeting, during which I discovered that the audio input on this Chromebook is terrible and nobody could understand me. Future zooms, I will have to take at my desktop iMac until M1M1 is back.

After lunch and a nap I joined Patty for a walk in the baylands. Later, I and Leon went to Eva’s place and we successfully got her Macbook to mirror its screen on her TV. However it turned out that she wanted that so as to show the movies she has lined up in her Netflix DVD queue which doesn’t work, most of those movies are not available for streaming. And when we tried to stream a movie that was available, the Netflix player in the Safari Browser wouldn’t work while the Mac was sharing with the TV. Total fiasco. Despite a technical marvel, you just click-click two little widgets and boom, your screen is on the TV, no cable needed. Amazing, except it didn’t do what she actually wanted.

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