3.044 bye-bye M1m1

Saturday 01/15/2022

Not much happening today. At 11 I bumped into Marcia who told me there had been some kind of bad words either between some volunteers or between volunteers and kitchen staff. She suggested I start composing an email urging everyone to be patient and kind. Hmmm.

At 1 I took M1m1 off to Apple for my appointment. A lovely cheerful “Genius” girl checked her out and said she would have to go to their repair center, 7 to 10 days. Sigh. I had already taken out the HP Chromebook I used on my “recent” (i.e. 2019-20) travels and made sure it was up to date and working, so I can still do email and blog and watch videos from my easy chair, as I am doing.

On return I went into the kitchen and talked to one of the supervisors and she didn’t know about any bad feelings or words. That’s good. I called Marcia and she will check further from her source but it may just be an interpersonal thing between 2 people.

My three colors of metallic paint came and I did a bit more work on the VW model. That was about it. Well, and getting used to the Chromebook again. I had forgotten it has a touch screen. You can tap to do a mouse click, and touch and drag to scroll. This goes a long way toward making up for the touch-pad which is really unpleasant to use.

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