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Friday 01/14/2022

Went for the standard walk in the AM. Was OK.

Worked on the next picture to print, one we took in New Zealand. This one.

Turns out this is a very difficult picture to work on. I have tried several different things to bring up the contrast and make the center section pop out more.

I had turned the problem of Eva’s new TV over to Leon, my neighbor down the hall who is a budding techie. He and I went down to her place about 3 and tried several things with only partial success. Critical is getting it to be accepted by the local network and that we failed to do. It’s a good TV for having cost only $260, although its angle of view is very narrow, if you aren’t right on axis with it, it loses contrast fast.

I made the sign-up sheet for next week’s dining tray volunteers. I will publish it tomorrow.

Harriet, Stanford fan, wrote to ask if I wanted to go to Haas Pavilion when the Cardinal plays over there. I had to say no. That would be a perfect place to catch some virus and bring it home. I’m surprised Cal is still allowing fans at games, frankly.

This was the day of Rhonda’s covid status meeting. The two positive residents in the Lee center have cleared up, tested negative; and today no more staff people caught it. But there’s an issue: several people had bought tickets to the SF Ballet season that starts next month, on the assumption that Channing House would run a bus to the performances. All non-essential transportation has been canceled due to staff shortages; plus attending a 2-hour concert seems like a good way to catch covid. Ballet fans are pretty pissed.

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