3.042 picture rail, tv

Thursday 01/13/2022

Did my resistance exercises first thing, yay me. About 9, went out in the car to safeway to replenish two kinds of supplies: sugar for the hummingbirds, and mini-cans (8oz? tins) of soda for me.

I do not understand marketing. Safeway has literally 20 solid feet of 5-level shelving devoted to Coke, and every bit of it is stacked with 12-packs of the 12oz tins. A few kinds of plastic bottles at the end. They have mini-cans of 7Up, of Pepsi, of several other things. Why not a couple of feet of one shelf for mini-cans of Coke?

On return I put up my picture rails. I’ve had them for a couple of weeks. I put in a request to Facilities two weeks ago. Then the covid staff shortages hit. Clearly Facilities wasn’t going to get to it soon, and I have the tools and know-how, so I did it. This is what you see approaching my end of the hall now.

I am going to print more pics from my extensive catalog of fine photographs. The big one top center, you can’t really see in the above shot but it’s a picture of a picnic spread from our 2010 Normandy trip. It has a lot of colors and some deep shadow detail. This print was made on my Epson, but I sent the same JPG to mpix.com and I’m eager to see what they make of it. That print should arrive this weekend.

In the afternoon I had agreed to go with Eva to shop for a TV. She had an old, 32-inch TV standing on a small table 38 inches across. She wasn’t interested in anything larger. I managed to convince her that a 40-inch would fit on her table. Actually a 43-inch would also but she drew the line at 40. She ended up choosing a 40-inch Vizio which I thought would be easy to install, and it kind of was? But it is “smart” — so smart it’s actually hard to use because it keeps making assumptions about what you want and trying to be helpful. Instead of just “show me my Comcast box on HDMI1 and STFU.”

In the evening instead of turning on my TV, I fell into a YouTube rabbit hole of boogie woogie pianists playing on public pianos in railway stations. Yes, it’s a thing, play that one and then pick from the suggestions below, rinse and repeat.


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