3.041 errand, picture, laundry, noods

Wednesday 01/12/2022

At 7:30 checked with the volunteer dispensing trays to make sure she was ok (she was) then went for the standard walk for the first time in days and days. Felt ok. Stopped at CVS but it was only 8:30 so the pharmacy wasn’t open.

Then did something that’s been on the back burner for months: printing pictures. Two years back I bought a new printer, and I’ve only used it for mundane stuff. But there’s the project of putting up picture shelves outside my door, and populating them with my own photography. Yesterday I saw a recommendation for an online printing service, and I wondered whether they could do as well as my printer can. So I picked a shot from the queue of pictures waiting to be printed. I tweaked the image to my satisfaction and printed it. I was really pleased with the 11×14 print that rolled out of the Epson. Then I sent off the JPG to mpix.com, and was impressed that they had replied, your order has shipped, about 6 hours later.

At noon, started the laundry. Met 6th floor neighbor Eva in the laundry room. She wants to buy a new TV and asked if I would go with her. Doesn’t work today but probably tomorrow. So I may be going to Best Buy again.

While the laundry ran I walked back to CVS to pick up two prescriptions that they have been texting me about every day for a week.

Worked on the VW model again but got frustrated with my aluminum paint which didn’t want to cover engine parts even with a second coat. Went online and ordered different.

Supper tonight was not good. They proudly introduced a complete new menu last week, ironically just as the dining room was shut down. Lots of ethnic days, which have been from not-bad to really good, and today was Japanese day. Unfortunately the bowl of noodles was inedible for me, bland soup, block of noodles glued into a mass, sliced pork that was full of gristle.

I thought, dang, tomorrow I’m going to go out and have good noodles and I looked up Gombei in Menlo Park, where I’ve been eating Japanese noodle soups for decades. Oh so sad, they closed their doors just last November! There is probably someplace as good in the area but I don’t know of it.

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