3.040 meeting, M1m1

Tuesday 01/11/2022

Once again I felt it incumbent on me to stop by the breakfast service and make sure my lone volunteer was OK. The lone volunteer this day was Carol, President of the RA, who I like & respect a lot. She was doing fine. But another day without exercise. (They haven’t closed the gym, and I really should be taking advantage.)

Next activity was 11am, a zoom meeting of CHM volunteers, mainly to be introduced to the new system of signing up for volunteer shifts, replacing the old system that was called Volgistics. The new system seems adequate, although it has a few glitches.

From lunch on I had no commitments, a big change. Amazing how fast my life can swing from “I’m too busy how can I keep up with all this” to “What am I going to do with myself”. I actually spent some time with the VW model for the first time in many days.

For some time I have been mildly bugged by a flaw in the screen of M1m1, my new and expensive Macbook Pro with the M1 chip. There’s a one-pixel-wide vertical red line, like a fine red silk thread, running vertically about 40% of the way from the left edge. I’ve been reluctant to take it in because I use it constantly. Now I got out the old Chromebook that I took when traveling (both to Greece and to London… oh my that’s 2.5 years ago…) and made sure it worked and let me read email, browse the web, and blog. That took an hour because its software was out of date.

Then off to the Apple Store with M1m1 under my arm. And right back again, because a repair problem has to go through the genius bar, and the earliest appointment I could get was next Saturday.

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