3.030 new year

Saturday 01/01/2022

I fiddled around until about 9:30 when I stupidly decided, oh, I think I will go walk in… where… not the baylands, it will be crowded by now… oh, nobody goes to Rancho San Antonio park. So I drive down there and of course, all their car parks are full and there are cars circling the lots. What a dope I am. Of course everybody in the world has started out for a family walk on new year’s saturday morning.

I headed back. Had lunch with Carol Lois and Randy (I think I’ll start mentioning my “social” meals, which I haven’t done before). After, did a bit on assembling the VW. Consulted for a short time with Jerry about his and Bert’s proposal for video equipment.

That’s about it. Mad a sandwich in my room for supper.

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