3.031 SWBB, pizza

Sunday 01/02/2022

Boy I can hardly wait for February 20. Well, after watering the plants and doing the crossword, making it a proper Sunday morning I went for a bit of a walk. First I ordered my lunch for takeout, which we can do. At 11:30 I picked up my lunch and took it to the 11th floor where I put the PAC-12 Network on the big TV.

The Stanford Women had had a quiet weekend. They were to play at UW in Seattle on Friday but the Huskies had to cancel the game because they had too many positive COVID tests to field a minimal team. So now Stanford was in Pullman to play WSU. We soon learned that the Cardinal, too, had five players who weren’t available and didn’t make the trip, among them all of the “bigs”. Nobody on the team over 6-1 could play.

Didn’t matter. After a slow start, giving WSU hope that after 69 consecutive losses to Stanford, they finally might get a win. Nope. Stanford pulled ahead by 10 in the second quarter, and in the third exploded out to a 30-point lead for their 70th consecutive win.

Last week Channing House had announced that, owing to staffing shortages, they would no longer provide hot suppers on Saturday and Sunday. Instead, we could order sack suppers and pick them up at lunch those days. This had been the standard for holidays and holiday eves, so that employees could get off early, but now it would be standard weekend fare for the foreseeable future.

Faced with three sack suppers in a row (Friday being a holiday eve), I had proposed to my sixth floor neighbors that we order in pizza Sunday night. Seven had responded. I placed the order for five pizzas and two calzones right after the game, for delivery at 5:30, and it came right on time. Jerry and Betty had invited me to eat with them and Patty in their apartment, so I did and that was nice.

Everybody paid me in cash so now I don’t have to visit an ATM for another six months.

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