3.029 quiet holiday

Friday 12/31/2021

Went for a walk. Put in good time finishing one of the two proposal documents. Lolled about reading the internet.

At lunch when I should have picked up my sack supper for tonight, I didn’t because I had never turned in my menu selection. Not a mistake; I had deliberately not, figuring, I’ll feed myself, thanks.

About 5:30 I went out in the car to a drive-in restaurant and ordered a large shake and an order of fries. That was supper, eaten in the car. I am not complaining! Nor trying to appear pathetic. It was what I expected and wanted.

Tomorrow starts another year. 2021 was not horrible for me; no need to kick it out and slam the door behind it, like 2020. But no need to weep at its passing, either. Weep at Betty White’s passing, maybe. Not the year.

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