3.028 avoiding work, new restrictions

Thursday 12/30/2021

Started the day with resistance exercise in the gym. Spent much of the day studiously ignoring the two different proposals I started yesterday. However, I had lunch with Lennie to talk about the subscription proposal, especially the Vimeo one. And at 2 I met with Bert and got more understanding of what we should hope for in replacing the mics on the 11th floor.

I forgot to mention that yesterday evening came an email saying that, due to the current spike in covid in the area, we are tightening up. First off, the New Year’s Eve party has been canceled. Also capacity limits are back on the common spaces, max 20 people in the auditorium. Due to that, two events planned for the following week are being postponed.

Then, today came news of a staff member who has tested positive. Fully vaccinated and boosted, has symptoms, however probably no resident exposure.

And an hour later came another surprise: an email stating that owing to staffing shortages, we will no longer have dinner service in the dining room on Saturday or Sunday. Instead they will do what until now, they have only done on holidays and holiday eves: pass out pre-made sack suppers at lunch time, for consumption in one’s room. This will be the routine for weekend suppers for the time being.

Finally, as I was writing this, came an email from Janette at FOPAL saying that the January sale has been canceled owing to the surge.

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