3.027 writing, laundry

Wednesday 12/29/2021

We’ve been having an extended period of rain showers. Looking outside at 8am I wondered if I could go for my usual walk and stay dry. I looked at the radar map at wunderground.com and decided that there was a wide enough break between one blob of green pixels and the next blob, so I went, although I carried an umbrella (first time it had been off the hook for a long time). No rain fell upon me. In fact none fell until the late afternoon.

I spent several hours today writing, divided between two proposals. Both arose from my committee meeting yesterday. One, a proposal to replace the obsolete and damaged microphone systems on the 11th floor. That will go to the IT department when I’m done.

The other is a proposal to the Resident Association Executive Committee, that the RA take on the ownership of several related media subscriptions. The XFinity account for the big common TV on the 11th floor is one. Another is the official Channing House Zoom account, the paid one that allows over 100 attendees in a meeting. Third is the CH Vimeo account, where over 100 video recordings of presentations and past Zoom meetings, and a bunch of Fitness class videos, are kept.

Ownership of these accounts is scattered through different departments of the administration. I really don’t know what department or person is paying the Xfinity bill. The Fitness department owns the Vimeo account and has recently decided that residents can’t upload any more videos. This scattered ownership makes it practically impossible to do upgrades, for example adding channels to the community TV system. I’m going to propose that the RA take ownership of all these resident-facing accounts, pay for them (we have more than enough money to do this) and then be free to manage and expand them without having to go through a staff bureaucracy process.

But there are lots of subtleties and gotchas, so I need to talk to some people first.

Oh, and I did the laundry.

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