3.021 more stuff

Thursday 12/23/2021

Did a good round of resistance exercise at 7:30. Then normally on Thursdays I have to leave for the East Bay, to CHM. So I have to tidy up, neaten up, dispose a basket of recycle stuff, and so on, so that the place will be neat when Wanda comes in to clean at 2pm. But CHM work on hiatus for two holiday weeks, so I had no rush today. Later I spent some time polishing on the VW. Coming along.

After lunch I decided to go do a spell at FOPAL. Mainly because I had left something behind when I was there on Tuesday. There was only one box to process, but I got a start on replacing my shelf labels. I have labeled sections, like “Graphics: apps and design” or “History and opinion“, some 25 in all. The labels are just printed paper cut in thin strips and stuck on with scotch tape, and they are looking ratty so I am redoing them.

At 3:30 I headed back because David M. was setting up for a show in the auditorium and I wanted to help if he had a problem. And he did; he was missing a key piece of info on how to put a YouTube video from a computer onto the big projector screen, and getting a bit frazzled when I came in. Quickly resolved and all went off on time.

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