3.023 omg missed a day happy christmas

Saturday 12/25/2021

I cannot believe I went to bed last night without blogging. Friday just went by in a happy daze, I guess. Nobody will ever know what I did. Including me.

Today being Christmas I actually slept in an extra half hour, til 6:30. Puttered around for a while, then called Laurel and then called Dennis. Dennis had the more exciting news, since he had opted to go to join his various sons in a house at Tahoe Donner, which was being snowed on heavily. Blizzard conditions, power off and on. I’m good with just some rain; no desire to venture into the mountains.

Afternoon, bored, got the car out and went for a drive. At one point I saw the following pitiable sight and just had to circle back and take a picture.

I call it “The Great Christmas Massacree of 2021”.

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