3.020 stuff day

Wednesday 12/22/2021

Today was blank on the Google calendar and I’d promised myself to kill items on my lengthy to-do list, of things either I needed to do, or wanted to do.

I started with a walk which was ok, although I came in tired. One problem on the list was to resolve why CVS keeps trying to give me too many metoprolol tablets. I spent an hour with their website and found that the problem was, the doctors had kept changing the prescription in order to change the number of tablets per day, first one, then two, then three. The prescriptions are all for the same drug, which is what seems to confuse the CVS site; they differ in the one sentence instruction to the patient, and in the quantity of pills needed for a 90-day supply, 90, 180 or 270.

Another thing was to update a MacBook Air. This one is owned by the AV committee and lives most of the time in the locked cabinet in the stage right wing. The guy who set it up back in 2016, the late Les Zatz, was a mainstay of the AV committee. At that time there were several residents into theater and such and they put on productions. People come and go, and right now nobody is into that. Anyway, the machine had an info sheet taped to the side of the keyboard with all its passwords etc., and I needed to update that info, as well as to update the software by five years to the current OS.

I also did some sanding on the VW body. Tomorrow probably I will use polish on it.

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