3.019 med, fopal, swbb

Tuesday 12/21/2021

I started the day with a round of resistance exercise. Such a good boy am I.

Then off to PAMF Los Altos for a scheduled check with a nurse, comparing my BP monitor to her reading. The Welch-Allen monitor I’ve been using the past year read almost 30 points higher. Bummer. I stopped at WalMart and bought a different one. When I tested it at home in read in the mid-120s, comparable to what the nurse got.

On to FOPAL where I spent 2:15 finishing the six boxes of books left over from yesterday.

Back home I gave Dave Golden a hand setting up for an event. Then it was time for the Stanford women at South Carolina. Stanford did much better than I expected. They took a 14-point lead at the half. Then, just as in the prior game at Tennessee, they went cold in the third quarter and let South Carolina catch up. The 4th quarter was even, never more than a one-possession game, but Stanford ended up loser by a couple of points. Still, it could have gone the other way, and they come away with specific things to work on.

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