3.018 meeting, fopal

Monday 12/20/2021

Went for the benchmark walk in the morning. Felt fine. Then to the Event Coordinators meeting. When that was over (no real news or discoveries) I went off to FOPAL.

To save time I took some food from the “grab and go” refrigerator. I am disappointed by the provisions in this area lately. No bananas. Only one type of sandwich, roast beef. I was driving down Middlefield trying to eat my sandwich and it was pretty bad. Although the roast beef was sliced very thin, it still had bits of stringy gristle that were impossible to chew.

At FOPAL there were ten boxes of books waiting by my section. I spent two hours processing five of them. I shall have to go back tomorrow.

Leaving there I bought a few grocery items, and drove to the post office to buy stamps. The self-serve postage machine gives you holiday-themed stamps. The final stamp from my prior batch was also a Santa stamp. I must have bought those last Christmas and they lasted all year. Now I have 30 more Christmassy stamps which will likely last to next December.

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