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Sunday 12/19/2021

After my usual Sunday morning stuff I pottered. Worked on polishing the VW body, a multi-stage process. The plants didn’t need much water, shows the effect of lower temperatures. The hummingbirds, on the other hand, were in a mass feeding frenzy on my sugar water, again probably a result of lower temperatures. I shot a short video of it. WordPress won’t let me embed it, but you can click this link to see it out of my Dropbox.

About 2:30 I went to set up for today’s Sunday at Home talk, by Walt, a resident who keeps bees. He has had hives behind his Palo Alto home for decades, and while he rents out the house, he has retained the bees.

Stew, who organizes the Sunday at Home series, had prepared some short videos. He also wanted to do a zoom simulcast. So this was complicated, with one laptop looking at the stage and another laptop showing the visual aids on the big screen, and also sharing its screen with the zoom session. And a couple of mics. I had been antsy about this production for a week, and I’m very glad to have it over with and no big mess-ups.

Oh. The internet. It just keeps getting more amazing all the time. How amazing? OK, we are waiting for people to dribble in (nobody comes on time for one of these) and Stew, killing time, says, does anybody know any bee jokes? I lean over to the laptop in front of me, the one whose screen is mirrored on the projected screen at the back of the stage. I bring a browser to the front and in the address bar type “bee jokes” and hit return. Instantly a dozen hits. I open the top one and just that fast, we start reading bee jokes aloud. I mean, they aren’t great jokes, but it was literally less than 10 seconds from question to answer.

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