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OK, it looks like I went to bed last night without doing a blog post. Funny. Thought I did. Well…

Monday 12/13/2021

Residents Association meeting at 9am. I gave my treasurer’s report. Afterward, went down to FOPAL for the post-sale cleanup and cleanout. Sent four boxes of books to the bargain room because they had been on the shelves for at least 3 sale days and been reduced in price at least once.

Tuesday 12/14/2021

Went for a walk, on damp sidewalks after two days of real rain. Here’s San Francisquito Creek after a lot of rain.

Then it was time for the writers group. I had written on the history of the Pearl Harbor attack, as instructed by our leader.

At 2pm it was time for the technical rehearsal of the big chorus event which happens tomorrow. Ian and I worked out microphone placements and levels and it should all go off well. The choristers, plus 2 soloists, plus a flautist and a clarinetist and also the harmonica group, were all prepared.

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