3.011 SWBB, model

Sunday 12/12/2021

Went down early to FOPAL to tidy my section. Shoppers are so messy. Returned; did the Sunday Puzzle; and at 11:15 met with David G., Martha, and Patty to ride to Maples Pavilion in Patty’s car for a basketball game.

This was against the UOP (Stockton) Tigers, who gave Stanford a decent game although Stanford never trailed and won by 20 or more. Stanford hasn’t begun clicking as a team yet, though. They are individually good but they do silly turnovers and mistakes.

I had a nap about 3pm and when I woke up, I had the answer to the problem of representing the welting on the VW model. This is how to convincingly show the black vinyl(?) strip between the fenders and body, and the taillights and body.

I had tried drawing those black lines with a narrow pen and couldn’t get it right. My hands aren’t steady enough, or skilled enough, to maintain a smooth curve, or I jerked a little and made a blot. Whatever.

I woke up thinking, I bet thread would do it. I have some fine black thread in my sewing supplies. I have clear acrylic paint, I bet it would work as glue. So I cut a piece of thread and saturated it in the clear paint and gently laid it on and pushed it into place with a small paint brush. It worked!

It’s better than I could do with a pen, and it has a 3D shape. Next step is to cover the body in clear acrylic and polish it.

I also spent a couple of hours following up Adam Savage’s picks for 2021. It’s interesting how he and I are interested in the same general topics, but we disagree on liking particular books or channels.

Parenthetically: I watch YT videos now more than I watch regular TV! I have subscriptions to quite a few channels, so I check in each day and find, aha! so-and-so has posted a new video. I only added a one of Adam’s YT picks to my list of subscriptions. He failed to mention several I watch and think are superb, like Project Binky or Sampson Boat.

In books, he, like so many nerds, is a huge fan of Andy Wier’s Project Hail Mary, which I liked but found many, many annoying flaws in. However, in the comments under Adam’s video, other viewers name a lot of interesting stuff, and from them I got pointers to a couple of books I added to my Kindle.

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