3.013 tech, hair, laundry, SWBB

Wednesday 12/15/2021

Today was the day for the holiday music event, for which a lot of people have been practicing for a long time. It all came off very well. Here’s a pic of my view from behind the sound control desk.

I didn’t realize Peter had stepped into my shot. The odd spidery splodge above Peter’s head is one of Jerry’s three cameras, well, phones, taped to the column. The chorus sang well, the flautist and clarinetist played well, Arlene is actually a really good pianist. This was the morning performance. The hand holding a program in the lower left is Ian’s. Ian very kindly agreed to run the AV for the evening performance so I could go to the basketball.

There wasn’t a lot of “running” to do. There were two microphones for specific performers to use, the one on a stand in the left center, and one lying on top of the piano. To save the performers having to remember to switch the mics on and off, they were on all the time, but Ian or I at the board would only un-mute a mic when a performer was ready to talk into it. That was the only actual duty, turning those mics on and off, plus setting things up beforehand and putting away after.

At 1pm I had a haircut appointment with Leah. Then I ran my laundry, finishing up only half an hour before it was time to join three other fans to ride to the basketball game.

The game was uninspiring. Again Stanford played decently, but again they should have dominated a lesser team, in this case the UC Davis Aggies, and didn’t. They never trailed and won by 20, but it should have been more. They are off next week for Tennessee and South Carolina and I think unless they pick it up a lot, they are going to get their butts handed to them there.

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