3.008 shustek, meeting, thoughts

Thursday 12/09/2021

This morning I hit the gym at 7:15 and did two sets and was back in my room in 30 minutes.

Off to the East Bay to the Shustek center where I was assigned to do photography, photographing several things I had cataloged in prior sessions.

I left there at 3 rather than the usual 4, so as to have some relax time before 4:45 when it was time for the monthly 6th floor meeting. Not a lot of news, but very nice to be reminded of what a generally good group of people we have on 6. There’s nobody I dislike, and several that I like quite well. At 5:15 we adjourned to the dining room for dinner.

Back upstairs I looked at my DVR. I have captured several movies, Cocoon which I’ve never seen, A Fish Called Wanda which I have but many years ago, and 4 of the Harry Potter movies because I noticed a marathon of them on some channel. But I just don’t feel like watching anything lengthy. I’ll get to them one day, I suppose.

I’ve been thinking about one thing I lost with Marian, that I hadn’t properly realized in these three years. My thoughts have been turning to wanting to do a road trip, using the SWBB schedule as an excuse. They play in L.A. in the first week of February, and in Oregon the 3rd week. Years past, we would have probably traveled to see both sets of games, probably driving to one or the other. So I keep thinking, “drive to L.A.?” or “drive to Eugene?”. But not by myself. I just don’t feel comfortable with the idea of a long, solo drive. (Two, 6-hour days to Corvallis; one, 7-hour day to L.A.) Well, maybe I could, actually. But would it really be safe?

But what I lost with Marian, and hadn’t thought about until now was: a traveling companion and alternate driver. We trusted each other’s driving, had overlapping tastes in entertainment. We switched off every hour; and the one not driving could nap, or read aloud, or take pictures, generally enjoy the trip.

So then of course I think, maybe there’s somebody else who would do that. But who? The logistics are impossible. I need to trust their driving; and they would have to share my tastes in podcasts or audio books. The majority of my neighbors are women and to ask one of them to go for a long weekend of driving would raise unintended issues. (I don’t have romantic or sexual feelings toward any neighbor, nor they, so far as I can tell, toward me. But still, it’s there, an elephant in the room.) I could ask a guy, but even then, I wouldn’t want to share a motel room. So either way it’s separate motel/hotel rooms. And there is a lot of time to pass between the Friday night game and the Sunday afternoon game. What do you do? Marian and I would have a list of things to do together; but with a friend or neighbor, I guess, do whatever you want, see you tomorrow.

I may be making a bigger deal of this than it deserves, but I’m dithering over it.

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