3.009 tech, dinner, concert

Friday 12/10/2021

Went for a walk, which felt fine. Then tried drawing the black lines of the fender welting (I think that’s the right word) around the fenders of the VW. It came out crap. I suck at this. The tiniest jiggle or blot destroys the look. I stopped after half a fender and began painting over what I’d done.

At 1pm I met on a tech call with Margaret. She is still trying to get her Apple Calendars to sync between iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. After fiddling and bumbling around, I happened to notice that the three devices were on different networks. This is likely the issue. I wrote down all the info she needs to take to Craig, our ClearPass guru, to get all on the standard ChanningHouse-Resident network.

At 4pm I met with Cindy because Bert couldn’t get her Purple Air (see purpleair.com) air monitor to sync with her iPad or MacBook. I was very confused by this, but managed to get her air monitor registered with the maker and she got an email from them saying it was registered and reporting air quality to the cloud. It would not show up on their map but maybe it will tomorrow.

At 5pm I was killing time for what I thought was a 6pm dinner, when the phone rang. It was my hostess Susan saying, we’re waiting for you. It was a 5pm dinner. This was the monthly special chef’s menu dinner on the 11th floor and it really was pretty good. Five courses delivered separately, main course lamb chops on a bed of risotto. Good wine.

Finished dessert just in time to grab my coat and go downstairs to meet with Patty and go attend a concert at Stanford. A jazz trio doing the music of Vince Gerauldi from A Charlie Brown Christmas. They opened with Linus and Lucy, which I would not have known by name, but just the opening chords are instantly recognizable when you hear them.

The leader told some stories about the TV special first aired 50 years ago. When the show was previewed for CBS execs the week before it aired, they hated it. No stars (child actors did the voices), animated (should be on Saturday morning with other cartoons), a jazz sound track, and OMG no laugh track. Fortunately they didn’t pull it and it was an immediate hit.

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