3.007 medical, meetings, model

Wednesday 12/08/2021

First activity of the day was to go to PAMF Los Altos for a scheduled physical. The Sutter Health/PAMF website had directed me that it was time to schedule an annual wellness exam per Medicare rules. But Doctor Marx walked in saying, I just saw you in June, so this can’t be an annual wellness exam, but let’s look you over anyway.

Nothing new. Well, I’m to resume taking aspirin. I had stopped taking aspirin when I read that the official guidance was, it didn’t have the benefits they used to think. Turns out, yes in the general case the chance of it causing internal bleeding outweighs the benefits. But in my specific case, with the aortic dissection and the artificial valve etc etc, the benefits of preventing clots greatly outweigh the risks, especially since I had been taking it for years and always passed my occult-blood stool tests.

My blood pressure as measured by the nurse was 104/45. At home an hour earlier, 135/45. Is my BP monitor busted? I am going to test it yet again.

On return, at 11:15, I met with Kass to look at the Lecternette again. Nothing special to do. At 2pm it was the monthly resident association executive committee meeting. The hot news here was, on advice of legal counsel, Channing House has removed their former upper age limit of 83. Will this mess with the business model? Will accepting older people raise costs? Rhonda doesn’t think so. They have had to contact a number of people who applied over the past year and been turned away for being too old. There are currently half a dozen units available for sale, although I note that my 6th floor is full.

In between meetings I got through a job I was worried about on the model VW. I cut teeny skinny little strips about a millimeter wide — less than a 16th of an inch, more than a 32nd, so probably right around a millimeter which is 1/25 of an inch — from adhesive-backed metal foil, and applied them to simulate skinny little chrome strips.

They are actually a bit wide for scale but they look OK. Next job is to spray the body hood and engine cover with gloss clear. Well, maybe not.

See those black lines around the fender and the tail lamp asembly? Black vinyl gasket stuff. Around the front fenders, too. If you owned, or even rode in, a Bug back in the day you remember those beads of black stuff.

I have a very fine draftsman’s marker pen. Should I try to draw in those black lines, before I put on the clear coat?

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