3.006 fopal, meeting

Tuesday 12/07/2021

Did some of my resistance exercises at 7:45. I say some because for the first time, there was another guy there also using the machines. Clearly a resident, but not somebody I know. Anyway, there are 8 machines, and you set the resistance by holding down a button to increase air pressure. Then, nominally, when you finish, you reduce the air pressure below 20psi. I have a list in my phone of what pressure I set each machine to. So my usual thing is, I do all the machines left to right, setting each to my pressure and also adjusting the seat or whatever. I can leave them at my pressure, because there’s nobody around but me. Then I go back down the line for a second set, and sometimes a third, shorter set.

Well today I’m halfway down the line and notice there’s this other dude starting from the far machines. So should I go back and reduce the pressure on the 4 machines I’ve done? I don’t, and he without so much as a nod, skips around me and adjusts machine #1 to himself. I am bemused. He must think I’m a careless idiot, leaving the machines on higher pressure. I don’t like him. So I leave. Next time, well first off, I’ll get to the gym at 7:30; but if there is anyone else, I will just work each machine completely, as many sets as I want, before moving on to the next.

So then I headed out, down to FOPAL, where I tidied up my section. Went through my box of overflow, titles that I had multiples of, and put as many on the shelf as I could. Then did my pre-sale count. All done in 90 minutes, and back to CH in time for the writers meeting at 11.

After lunch and a nap, I put what I believe is the final color coat on the VW. That dries for a while, and on maybe tomorrow afternoon I will have my first go at setting teeny tiny slivers of metal foil onto the teeny tiny trim strips.

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