3.005 event, fopal

Monday 12/02/2021

Went down at 9:45 to start preparing the auditorium for the 11am Book Talk, which was to be three Stanford profs who wrote a book about how to fix the internet. And found the chairs all disarranged, actually set up for a staff meeting of last week. Got the front desk guy to call housekeeping and about 10:30 George came in and started moving stuff around. Meanwhile I set the AV stuff up. The profs, with two grad students, arrived at 10:45 and we had them going in good style. The event came off well, no thanks to anybody but me.

I grabbed a sandwich from the grab-n-go refrigerator and went to FOPAL. This is pre-sale week. I processed four boxes of books, but I will still have to go back tomorrow to tidy up the shelves and do a pre-sale count.

Rescheduled the play that conflicts with an upcoming event, from a Sunday matinee to a thursday night, and notified Jean. Ate supper in my room and went to bed early, only to have to get up again to do the goddam blog.

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