2.351 thanksgiving

Thursday 11/25/2021

A little tidying in the morning. About 9:30 I went to the 11th floor to try to… wait. need to explain in order.

SWBB is playing in a tournament this weekend, in the Bahamas. Their first game is today at 10:30. The games are streamed on “flohoops”, a small sports network. Jerry has paid $29 for a month of flohoops. His plan is to start a zoom meeting at 10, and share his screen, showing flohoops, to the meeting. Then anyone in house can join the meeting and watch the game.

My job is to join the meeting with my Macbook and put its screen on the big TV on 11. I did that on Wednesday and it worked fine. Today? Of course not. The Macbook recognized the HDMI cable; it reformats the screen to fit the dimensions of the target. But the TV continued to show “no signal”. Tried a different cable. No go. Left Jerry a phone message and went back to my room.

About 10:30 he called me; he was on 11 trying to connect with his Android PDA. It also didn’t work. So that was it for putting the game on the big screen. Craig passed the ID of the zoom meeting on CHBB and eventually maybe 8 people were watching.

At 11:30, sister in law Jean arrived. I thought she’d never seen the place, but she says she saw it just after I moved in. Now, in the evening, I can check: yup, Day 0.200, 6/20/19. I’d completely forgotten. I showed her around anyway. At 12 we sat in the lobby watching the last 2 minutes of the SWBB game (they won by 3 points), and were joined by Paul and Elizabeth. We had a very pleasant lunch trading stories of when each of us had lived overseas.

In the evening, since the dining room had closed after lunch and I didn’t order a bag supper I needed to go out for some food. I found that at Wahlburgers, where two employees were holding the fort for a handful of eaters.

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