Day 200, Yosemite, Jean

Thursday, 6/20/2019

Drove to the Yosemite ave. warehouse for a day of artifact work. This was the first time I did this starting from University Avenue downtown, instead of from Page Mill Road. An extra half-mile of slow traffic. On the other hand, this was the first time I started from inside a covered garage. The Prius hardly knows what to do with itself now it is living inside a building instead of being exposed to birds and oak leaves 24/7, like it was for the previous 7 years.

During lunch with the rest of the artifact volunteers, I engaged in a long text conversation with Deborah, who had someone that wanted to buy the washing machine, but had only a pickup truck and wanted help loading it. Eventually it was settled that I would meet them Friday morning for this. I was not enthusiastic about this, and was pleased when a few hours later, Deborah texted that the person had canceled out.

From Milpitas I drove to Mountain View to pick up sister-in-law Jean. She wanted to see Channing House. For her age of 92 she is remarkably healthy. She uses a cane for balance and admits to no longer walking the mile to her church for daily mass. She drives instead.

She was favorably impressed by my new context. She got a free dinner because there was nobody at the entrance to the dining room to whom I could report I was bringing a guest. Her white hair and cane were sufficient camouflage that nobody suspected she might be a visitor.

I am concerned about what she may do going forward. She has about sufficient income to continue living in her current situation, but if she needs more care… And what kind of obligation do I have toward the support of my late wife’s sister? These are not easy issues.



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