2.350 meeting

Wednesday 11/24/2021

Took a walk. Futzed around. Had a lunch of leftover pizza from last night.

Had my AV Committee meeting at 4pm. I ended up stuck with the big Holiday celebration with the CH choir and stuff. Well, Ian said he’d help. It will be a bid deal with at least 4 wireless mics needed, at least one rehearsal (probably two) and two performances. I need to talk with Mary, the director, ASAP.

Went down to the dining room, looked at the menu, came back up to my room to make a sandwich. Later got a call from the front desk, saying, “your birthday dinner is ready.” That’s weird as it isn’t my birthday. It was on the calendar that today was the November birthday dinner. They do one special dinner per month. You have dinner in the same section along with other people with birthdays that month. Everybody sings happy birthday. Gag me with a spoon.

In any case, I thought you had to sign up to get your name on the birthday dinner list. I certainly have not signed up for November, and have no intention to do so in December either. So I sat down to eat the rest of my sandwich.

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