2.346 meeting, planning, TV

Saturday 11/20/2021

The big meeting between Vanessa, the Channing House IT director, and members of the AV team, happened finally. Somewhat inconclusive. Vanessa is a sharp cookie who likes to dive into problems. That’s good. Her main concern just now is, she’s been directed to make it possible to have smooth webinars that use the auditorium and look professional and can be seen in the Lee Center as well as on TV within the building. A tallish order.

David M. came equipped with facts and figures on the system he recommends, a $500 box from ATEM. Vanessa was unconvinced. David M’s church has a multi-camera semi-pro zoom production and he is to make arrangements for her to see that system. She went away with I think a better understanding of the top issues on the 25-item issue list I had prepared, but no fixes were forthcoming.

In the afternoon two people had asked me to get the Stanford-Cal Big Game on the 11th floor TV. I made a mess of this, failing to realize initially that main PAC-12 channel was directly available in the basic Xfinity subscription that TV has. So I spent a lot of time trying to get PAC-12 via the Roku box. Duh. Anyway it worked.

I am trying to populate the 5-person table I’ve been promised for Thanksgiving lunch. There’s me and Paul, my neighbor and a very recent widower. And Jean has agreed to come. I have two more seats to fill.

The next four SWBB games are away, and not on any TV channel, only streamed. Ended the evening exchanging emails with Jerry and Stew about how to get these onto the 11th floor TV. I am all excited about the Chromecast device I discovered while flailing around this afternoon.

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