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Friday 11/19/2021

Went for the usual walk. Back just in time for a 10am appointment with Nancy to try to get her printer running. Fumbled around with her mac and the printer and managed to hit the magic combination so MacOS could find it and yay, another success.

Spent quite a bit of time, like 2 hours, trying to reduce the number of emails in my inbox. There were only a dozen but each represented something I had to follow-up on. After lunch I helped neighbor Carolyn to get her printer going, and succeeded there, too, by simply rebooting both the printer and the mac.

At 4pm we had a special Zoom session supposed to be about new Covid regulations. And Rhonda announced what I had agreed with Carolyn she could not possibly announce yet: Santa Clara County is OK with allowing outside guests into our dining room! Lots of rules: have to show proof of vax, etc; have to make reservations beforehand; other things. But it will start next Monday and be in effect for Thanksgiving.

Who felt like a smart cookie? This guy, because I had already reserved a 5-top for Thanksgiving. I confirmed that when I went down for dinner. Called Dennis and invited him and Toni, but he wasn’t sure if Toni might have other plans.

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