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Monday 11/15/2021

Went for the walk. Had to have a severe chat with myself. I was thinking, I have a meeting at 10, I don’t really have time for a walk, blah blah. Told myself severely to cut the bullshit and get going. And of course completed the walk and home about 9.

Meeting was of the Events Committee, featuring the introduction of the new online Event Planning Form. This took quite a while.

After that I drove to FOPAL and did the post-sale triage. This took 90 minutes of standing up looking at all 350 of my books and deciding which to keep for another sale, which to reduce the price one, etc. My back got quite sore doing that. Anyway, done. 55 books went in the sale last weekend. Of course most were priced at $2-3 so my section’s contribution to the libraries was around $120-150.

Back at home, there was a zoom meeting with Chef Tobias to respond to people’s questions about Dining Services. Generally the news was good. A number of things people had requested are being done or will soon be. Notably we have our liquor license and glassware has been ordered; as soon as it arrives it will be possible to buy wine or beer with your meal. Lots of requests for various menu tweaks have been acknowledged and will be implemented.

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