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Tuesday 11/16/2021

First thing I went to the gym and did multiple rounds of the machines. Which was fine. Then I did some desk work, bills and records.

Last night I worked until nearly midnight on a thing for the writers group, which alas didn’t go over well. Too intellectual and too long for the audience. I mean, nobody booed or anything, but it just kind of landed with a thud.

Took an extra long nap after lunch. I had planned to drive 3 others to the basketball, but then David G offered to drive five of us so I rode with him.

This was Stanford v. Portland University. The Portland Pilots had clearly seen the Texas game and adopted the same pressure defense, and although they couldn’t execute it as well, they still slowed Stanford down. During the third quarter they pulled with 12. Then either they got tired or Stanford finally began to understand how to handle it, and we pulled away to win by 20. But my my my basketball is not a game of grace or finesse under that kind of defense. More like Rugby Lite. But three of the freshmen got to play and did very well.

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