2.340 SWBB

Sunday 11/14/2021

First thing after watering the plants and feeding the birds, I drove down to FOPAL and tidied the shelves of my section. Got back by 10, leaving the car in the front lot.

At 11:15 I met with the people who wanted a ride to the game, Jerry and David G, and off to Maples for the first “real” game of the season. And it was a dismal loss. Texas, whose #25 rank is going to get a boost when the next rankings come out, mounted a very active, disruptive defense, and Stanford (whose #3 rank will drop a couple) completely lost track of the basket from the three-point line, hitting 2 of 23. Two excellent defenses frustrating each other. The score was 10-10 after the first quarter, and 25-25 at the half. Eventually Texas hit a couple of timely 3s for a lead and held it.

Following the game in a mercifully brief ceremony they handed out the championship rings from last season’s win. Possibly they will win again this year, but they have some work to do.

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