2.339 lunch, macbook

Saturday 11/13/2021

For lunch I went down and visited sister-in-law Jean. We went to my favorite Mexican place, Casa Lupe on Castro Street. Jean is doing fine. She has completed several major downsizing projects, organizing and then disposing of the huge collection of images that she and her late husband Bill had created.

In the evening I decided to do the battery replacement on my old Macbook Pro. This machine, Godot, entered my life on day 0.73 of this blog, 02/17/19. It was not new then, being a refurbished 2015 model. I opted for a 2015 refurb because it was the last one with a good keyboard, adequate ports, real function keys and a magsafe charging cord. Following that year Apple went to a couple of USB-C ports for everything including charging, the “touchbar” instead of function keys, and what was reported by many to be an unreliable keyboard.

Over the past year Godot has several times complained that its battery was in bad shape. Now that Apple has regained their senses and produced a new MBP with several ports, magsafe, and function keys, I ordered one and am using it (but it doesn’t have a good name yet!) Now I feel confident it is working and all my files are safe, I felt safe enough to take down Godot to install the new battery I ordered months ago from iFixit.

That took a couple of hours, but when it was back together, it booted and ran! I had prepared a thumb drive with an installer for the current MacOS Monterey and I used that to erase Godot’s internal 1TB drive and install Monterey. That went fine, also. So now I have a nice clean 2015 MBP that needs a home.

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