2.330 catch-up day

Thursday 11/04/2021

This was the first Thursday I’ve not needed to go across the Bay for the CHM. The volunteer days for November were chopped up due to various issues, and I opted to just skip the month and resume in December. So: an open-ish day.

I took care of some business before lunch. Wrote the annual Appreciation check. Filled in the Nest Egg spreadsheet with the numbers from the October statements from Schwab. It continues to maintain.

After lunch I tackled the Auditorium problem list. I added back several issues of Bert’s that I had initially rejected. The hard part of that was finding words to present each item as useful, justified, and a positive change. Bert’s problem was that his list of items was all phrased in terms of how wrong, sloppy, and obviously negligent these mistakes were. And by implication, what a bad job Certain People did in letting them pass.

My list covers the same things indicating the practical reasons that fixing them will make our work easier, and how cheap it will be to fix. Removing all implications and attitudes.

Finished that editing in the lounge while Wanda cleaned my room. Strange thing, Wanda complains to me that around my desk and around my table, my carpet is “sticky” and it’s hard to vacuum. I come back to the room, get down on my hands and knees, and feel the carpet. I don’t feel stickiness. Don’t understand. I guess I should ask for my carpet to be cleaned, which is something I can have done by Housekeeping.

For supper I treated myself by driving over to Midtown, to the little Vietnamese hole in the wall, Indochine, and having a dish of red curry duck. It is a wonderful concoction of tomatoes, pineapple, peppers and chopped up duck meat in a smooth orange-y sauce. Brought home enough for lunch tomorrow, too.

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