2.329 laundry, meeting, tech

Wednesday 11/03/2021

In the night I did something stupid. I was half-asleep and thinking about a video Scott had sent on how to do the Epley manouver, a way to stabilize the inner ear in BPPV. And in bed (like I say, at least half-asleep) I visualized these moves, which just involve rolling over in a certain way, and did them. Except I didn’t do them right, and I actually started a siege of vertigo going, which kept me half-awake all night. Whenever I would try to roll over onto my right side, my favorite sleeping position, I’d hit a wave of vertigo.

When I got up I felt generally sick, and got vertigo when I tilted my head forward or backward. It made for a pretty miserable morning. I napped a lot.

I was active enough to do my laundry between 10 and 1. Then at 2pm I had the RA Exec committee meeting, which was interesting, but — do I want to talk about it? Yeah, there’s nothing secret here. A certain couple had compiled a long list of things they thought Channing House was doing wrong, things which would put CH in at least technical violation of some State laws, and had presented this very lengthy report to various people (not me) and to the CEO and the Board chair. The CEO had written a report refuting all the points and assuring the Board we were in full compliance with the law. Rhonda wanted to go over this report to make sure we understood it, which we did.

The couple involved, we are told, have terminated their contract and will be moving out. Best to them.

Along about noon I got a dispatch from the tech squad. The person requesting help, Nancy, was in fact one of the people in this meeting. I went up to her place afterward and fixed most of her problems. One, “printer doesn’t work” was quite easy: the USB cable had come loose.

At 4 there was a zoom presentation kicking off the annual Appreciation Fund drive. Tipping is forbidden at CH, but in lieu of tipping, each year they have a fund drive. You put your check in the collection box downstairs. This is all added up and just before Christmas each staff member gets a nice check. The recommended minimum is $700, which works out to $2/day, which is pretty stingy appreciation for restaurant service 3 meals a day and your room cleaned weekly, plus all the other stuff the staff does.

Anyway, by suppertime I was feeling very good, vertigo and nausea all gone. Let’s hope it stays that way.

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