2.331 tech, AV, new computer

Friday 11/05/2021

Since I went for a walk yesterday, I decided to do the gym today. This was not a success. I couldn’t finish the second round. I can’t explain why. Just my body very clearly tells me, “nope” at certain points. I don’t know what’s going on.

At 11am I had a date to help Edie with her mail. I resolved a couple of her issues easily.

After lunch I went down to the auditorium to play around and verify a couple of the items on my issues list. On the way I got a text from Apple saying my order had been delivered. Oh, that’s my new MacBook Pro! Later in the day I set it up and I am writing this on it now.

In the auditorium I found answers to 2 of my issues and deleted them from the list. Bert joined me and again persuaded me to add some more of his issues. So that means another editing session. Which I will not have time for tomorrow.

After supper I checked in with Ian who was to do AV for a concert. He was doing fine and didn’t need me at all. The concert was by a 17yo pianist, an Evergreen High student who played 8 pieces, by Bach, Liszt, Handle, Chopin. Generally the kid was most impressive, handling big showy piano things with a lot of style.

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