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Tuesday 11/02/2021

First thing I went down to the gym and did two rounds of the machines. That only takes 20 minutes, and I’m thinking I probably should reduce the numbers a little more and do three rounds.

After my shower I hustled back down to the lobby to cancel my name from the bus ride to San Jose to see “Van Gogh the Immersive Experience”. Chuck the organizer was a bit grumpy about the late cancellation, but then we discovered that when I signed up for the ride last week, I was actually signing up on page 2, the wait list, because page 1 was full. So I was cancelling off the wait list, and no harm done.

In the next hour I wrote something for the writers group. It had been three weeks since I wrote anything for them so I felt compelled. Now I’m off the hook for a week or so.

After lunch I went down to FOPAL and finished up the remaining 4 boxes of computer books. I found several “high-value”, one of which, a boring little 200page textbook on “Theory of Domains”, is going for $100 and up.

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