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Monday 11/01/2021

Did not go for a walk because I wanted to be early in setting up for the book talk. In theory the A/V guy is only responsible for sound and projection but in practice they often have to set up other stuff. In this case, I walked into the auditorium and found the stage filled with three rows of chairs, blocking me from setting up the podium and screen.

The chairs were for the choir practice this afternoon. I stacked them into a single row at the back of the stage; lowered the screen; positioned the podium, plugged it in to the floor and taped down its power wire, ran another extension cord backstage so the laptop could be plugged in. I was turning on the sound system when I heard a quiet “oh, noooo” from the back of the room — Mary, the choir director. I soothed her, promising to put her chairs back. She should have known there was another event.

Anyway, Mr. Trapnell and his wife soon arrived and set up. He is the son of a famous Naval Aviator, test pilot and later Admiral Frederick Trapnell, and had written a book about his famous father. He had lots of keen pictures of people flying early warplanes.

After lunch I went down to FOPAL and processed 5 boxes of books, leaving another three because we’ve been asked to not hang about during the 3-5pm hours when donations are accepted. I’ll go down again tomorrow I think.

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