2.326 SWBB

Sunday 10/31/2021

Today was the first day of the Stanford Women’s Basketball Season. Not a game, but an open practice. Years past, they have invited season ticket holders in to watch a practice, with the coaches running drills, followed by Tara introducing the team. This year they called it a “Red v. White Scrimmage” and played it as a full 40-minute game.

The team this year is large, 17 players on the roster. That’s because the NCAA, owing to the broken pandemic season last year, gave all seniors an extra year of elegibility. Two seniors, Anna and Alyssa, elected to get a free Master’s degree and play another year. (Kiana Williams opted to graduate and play in the pro league WNBA — however she was apparently dropped by the first team to draft her, and I can’t find anything on her current status.) A third graduate, Jordan Hamilton, transferred in from Northwestern. Why did Stanford accept a transferee when they were already two over the normal roster? I don’t know, but Hamilton is short (my height, 5-8) and a guard, so maybe they needed an experienced point guard?

Anyway, that gave Tara and Kate Paye each eight players. Players had reversible jerseys, red on one side, white on the other. Actually the two coaches traded players several times. Anyway it was a fun game, everybody got to show off their moves, and try to impress with their skills. Competition for playing time must be fierce with this many players and only 200 player minutes available in a 40-minute game.

I rode over in Jerry’s car, with Betty and Patty. I had a strange bout of vertigo earlier. While sitting quietly at the table doing the crossword, suddenly I got a wave of vertigo. No apparent cause, it wasn’t “postural” as usual (caused by a head tilt or movement), just surprise, you’re dizzy. I was still feeling an echo of that at 10:15 when it was time to leave so I was pleased not to drive, although I’m sure I could have.

That was about it for the day. I had lunch with Ted, Nancy, and Patty, then a nap, and read. I didn’t like the look of the dinner menu so ordered in a calzone from NY Pizza. Whoopee.

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