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Monday 10/25/2021

Started out with the usual walk, which was just fine. The vertigo I mentioned yesterday is going away I think. It still bothers me if I do particular things, like bending down and then standing up, or looking up and then down. When I first got up, there were a couple of steps where — how can I describe this? — my foot didn’t come down where I expected, and I kind of lurched left or right. This kind of thing is serious, because as I’ve mentioned, falls are how people get seriously hurt around here. But that went away entirely by the time I started my walk, and hasn’t come back.

In my spare time I’m working on an A/V document. There are a number of shortcomings in the “upgraded” auditorium system. My colleague Bert made such a nuisance of himself about these issues that he was asked to step back from the whole situation. But there are things that need to be resolved, so I am taking it up. I am trying to create a complete problem list, so phrased as to not raise any hackles. This is quite time-consuming. I spent some time in the morning on that.

After lunch I went to FOPAL where there were seven boxes of books, a large number of them from one person, an engineer presumably now deceased, or maybe just retired. Anyway a surprising number of them proved to be “high value” (over $25 used, at Amazon), and easily 40 of the rest were worth shelving at $3 to $10. That took me past 4pm.

I had been invited to dinner by Susan and Harry, Caroline and Ann also. Very pleasant dinner and talk.

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