2.321 medical? A/V

Tuesday 10/26/2021

Did a resistance workout in the gym early. A strange thing: on the second round I wasn’t able to complete the reps on several exercises. Muscles felt fatigued. I did not feel short of breath or dizzy or any other symptom; I just didn’t have the strength to finish, unless I stopped for a rest. This is the same resistance and reps as I did the first two times.

This is concerning, because I’ve been told an early sign of my good old pig valve breaking down, would be sudden fatigue. I felt completely normal the rest of the day, but that didn’t involve any exercise, either. I will pay close attention to my walk tomorrow.

After that I passed the time to the writers group at 11, working on the list of A/V concerns. Or actually one item in the list. The contractors who did the upgrade provided a battery charger for the microphone battery packs. We had spec’d and expected, charging docks which hold the whole microphone. Bert is very hot about this. I finally found the Shure charging docks on the (very badly organized and confusing) Shure.com website. But they only charge two mics; we would need four of them to keep our 8 mics happy, about $700 give or take.

When I tried to write a smooth and convincing explanation of what a big difference this makes, I ended up convincing myself that it doesn’t matter after all. The extra work for the AV team is that, before an event, you have to take battery packs out of the charger and put them in the mics. After the event, you put the packs back in the charger. Total about 2 extra minutes, compared to lifting the mics out of the dock and putting them back in the dock.

So I plan to not present this as an issue in my list. Bert will not be happy about that. But it felt like I had accomplished something doing that research and reaching a decision.

Other emails were going back and forth. I swear I am doing a lot of commenting. It is hard to write an email that is short, readable, and won’t piss anyone off.

2 thoughts on “2.321 medical? A/V

  1. Goodmorning…yikes- because of the vertigo for acouple days then fatigue I really hope you inform your doctor-😳
    My stepmom “Gwen” was much older- but her pig valve failed finally- and they couldn’t do anything to help her-


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