2.319 vertigo rain

Sunday 10/24/2021

I’ve been flirting with vertigo for the past week or so. Moments when my internal balance goes wacko: I lean back and look up, then look forward; or turn over too fast in bad; or bend over. Today it was a little worse, making me a little nauseous just getting up from a chair. So I took it very easy.

Taking it easy was made easier by the weather, the first heavy rain in, probably, more than a year. The TV weather persons were practically having orgasms at being able to talk about “possible flooding” from this “atmospheric river”. It’s been a long time since they’ve had anything to talk about other than low humidity.

So I had a couple of naps, did a couple of crosswords, read a little. About 4:30 I got an invite to drinks and dinner, and had a pleasant evening of chat. I didn’t have the drinks part. The vertigo makes me miss a step sometimes and I don’t want to fall, so no need to add alcohol to that hazard.

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