2.318 retail ypareht

Saturday 10/23/2021

With nothing scheduled, I went out to buy a few things. (The title above is because I couldn’t think of a word for the opposite of therapy. Retail not-therapy.)

I wanted 5 pounds of sugar for the birds, and I got that. I also wanted a quart of heavy cream, because I want to try mixing my Keto Chow breakfasts with that instead of oil. I got that at the third store. Also I would like some quadrille pads, otherwise known as graph paper pads, just because. I didn’t get those.

I bumbled around to a big Safeway, to a Walmart, to Office Depot, and to a Costco. All were very busy. If there are supply chain issues, they were not apparent today. Full shelves, lots of people filling up huge cartloads of stuff. had a Costco membership and let it expire. According to their website if you don’t have a membership you don’t get sale prices and you pay 5% extra. Cool with me, if they have heavy cream, which Safeway nor Walmart did. Very busy and very large store. Very harried clerk, and a sign saying “If your membership isn’t current, the cost of renewal will be added to this purchase” which is not what the website said, but anyway I hadn’t brought my expired membership card. I was just explaining that to the harried clerk when the guy behind said, “It’s alright, he’s with me” and held out his card to scan. What a prince of a fellow.

I was very disappointed with Office Depot who didn’t have the pads I expected. Oh well.

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