2.314 fopal mostly

Tuesday 10/19/2021

For exercise, I went down to the gym and did two rounds of the resistance machines. It left me feeling tired, which is good.

Normally Tuesday would be the day for the writers group at 11. However, Connie the leader had decided we should take a week off. So at 10 I went instead down to FOPAL, which I’d normally have done at 12 or later. I processed four boxes of books.

That was about it for the day. To take advantage of the open space, here are a couple of pictures of Connie’s poetry reading on Sunday. I had to take these with Stew’s phone, because my phone was on the stage, logged in to the Zoom session.

Connie reading; my phone on my tripod sharing her image to Zoom
The 50 non-zoom attendees.

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