2.315 laundry, strangely hard day

Wednesday 10/20/2021

Went for the benchmark walk. Then started my laundry. When it finished, it was time to join the monthly FOPAL post-sale, section managers zoom.

In between and after, I was dealing with email. I had accumulated several emails each of which represented something I needed to read and respond to. One was from a committee member proposing we get a device that would make producing Zoom simulcasts easier and more professional. It included links to the manufacturer and to two YT videos, so I had to read a bunch of stuff and watch the vids, and compose a reply. Two were about editing a form that we are trying to redesign, the Event Planning Form by which somebody putting on an event asks for help of various kinds. So that meant printing out the draft versions and marking them up.

About 3:30 I noticed a half-hour old email telling me that Gigi needed a microphone and speaker in the dining room at 5pm because she wanted to welcome people to the October Birthday Dinner. She had asked Paul, one of the IT staff, and he had passed it on to Bert, head of the resident tech squad, who passed it on to me, because it was an A/V request. Gigi is desperately well-meaning but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. She picks 3pm on the day to phone Paul and ask for a PA system for 5:15. Grrrrrreatttt.

At 4pm I called Paul and he volunteered to bring the little PA lectern down from 11. I met him and we set it up in the dining room. I showed, well it turned out to be Barbara, who is tiny and bent over but sharp as a tack, how to turn the mic on and how to hold it.

Then I sat down in the common area and waited to see how things would go. Barbara did her brief announcement then passed the mic to Gigi and George to sing a song. George took the mic and held it at belt level during the singing, so they might as well not have had a mic at all. No matter, everybody was pleased. I went away and came back about 6:30 to shut down the lectern and move it back to the 11th floor. I’m exhausted.

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