2.313 meeting, insurance, Macbook, model

Monday 10/18/2021

Went for the benchmark walk. It was ok.

At 10:30, attended the Event Coordinator Committee meeting, where all the people who put on events go over their plans for the next month. Some discussion of Sunday’s simulcast poetry reading.

During the E.C. meeting I remembered that Apple was having an announcement event this morning, and since I was sitting in back, I peeked at store.apple.com. And oh yeah, they had finally fixed the MacBook Pro. The new one has a decent number of ports on the side, including an SD card slot; and it does not have that silly touch-bar thing but real function keys; and they have brought back the Magsafe(tm) power connector instead of forcing you to use one of your USB ports for power. After the meeting I placed my order for one.

After that I sat down with MyMedicare.gov and worked out what Part D med insurance to have next year, after Anthem Blue Cross had quadrupled their premium. And I have to say, the MyMedicare site is just about the best-organized, most friendly, helpful site I have ever seen. Just a really, really nice job of summarizing and presenting a whole lot of complicated info in a clear format.

In the afternoon I frustrated myself greatly on the Chrysler body. I had applied liquid mask goop to all the molded-in chrome trim, before I sprayed it. Now I tried to remove the paint and masking goop from the masked bits. It did not go well. In some places the stuff doesn’t want to come off. (And this after only 48 hours.) In other places it was impossible not to remove paint that shouldn’t have been masked, leaving numerous small areas that will need touching up.

All this trouble and I haven’t even gotten to the part where I try to draw the chrome color (I have a very realistic chrome paint in a pen) and not get it onto anywhere it shouldn’t go. I despair of ever having an adequate technique for this.

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