2.310 meeting, lunch, beer

Friday 10/15/2021

Body temp still elevated, 98.3. Went for the benchmark walk, yay me. Then held my A/V committee meeting, which went smoothly enough. We are not overwhelmed with events to support.

I had time after that to try a couple of spray painting experiments. I watched a youtube video by another car modeler the other day which gave me all kinds of new insights into painting. I raised the pressure out of the compressor to 40psi, and got a better pattern. Previously I had put it at 15 or 20 psi, based on advice from somebody. Now I’m kicking myself for never actually trying higher pressure.

Lunch with Tom and Scott, on California Ave. Tom has certainly lived an interesting life, as have his daughters. He and his wife Barbara, who is recovering from some serious medical problems, have decided to move into a retirement home. They have chosen The Point, which is where the Kellehers are.

Back at CH, it was time for Rhonda’s weekly Covid meeting, which had only good news: still no cases, and they are going to remove restrictions on capacity of public spaces. The auditorium can go back to full capacity. And there will be no more open meetings until next year.

Following that, it was time for the Octoberfest thing, every Friday in October. Initially only a few people had signed up, but today the number had more than doubled to 20 or so. I’m not impressed with the beer, frankly, but today’s snack was bratwurst with mustard, and that was good, and filling enough I didn’t bother with the supper meal.

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