2.309 temp, exercise, fopal

Thursday 10/14/2021

When I get up, I always immediately take my blood pressure and my oral temperature. My average temperature for the previous week was 97.7. This morning it was 98.4. Huh! I said. Am I sick? Don’t feel sick.

An hour later, as I was about to step into the shower, I noticed I had a band-aid on my left shoulder. Huh? Oh, right! Yesterday I had my COVID booster shot. I think that will do for an explanation of +0.7F temperature. Hey, my immune system is working!

Again I went to the gym and did two rounds of our six resistance machines, 20 reps each round. Followed by 20 minutes riding through a virtual landscape on the cyber cycle.

Early I received an email from Greta, the curator for whom I would normally be working today. She is unwell and won’t be in, so the 4 volunteers that would have gone to Shustek will have to stay away. So I have the day off.

Wanda is coming to clean my room as usual at 2pm. So after lunch I go to FOPAL and work for a couple of hours.

In the evening I watched the decisive Giants-Dodgers game: Dodgers win, Giants season ends.

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